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Price & Quantity Discounts
Quantity Price
A7 (113 x 92mm) x 1000
   1- 2   £19.00
   3- 5   £18.00
   6+   £17.00
A6 (158 x 110mm) x 1000
   1- 2   £27.50
   3- 5   £26.00
   6+   £25.00
A5 (225 x 165mm) x 1000
   1- 2   £40.50
   3- 5   £39.00
   6+   £38.00
A4 (328 x 235mm) x 500
   1- 2   £43.00
   3- 5   £41.50
   6+   £40.00

Printed ‘Documents Enclosed’ Wallets

Product ID: Documents Enclosed-01

£19.00£43.00 / 1000

  • Water and tear proof construction
  • Popular range of sizes
  • Perfect for mail order use
  • Combines labels & invoices

Product Description

Documents wallets are used to attach paper work to packaged items for transit. Perfect for including delivery notes, invoices, or customs paperwork with your shipments.

Printed ‘document enclosed’ wallets are made from polythene plastic envelopes and have an easy-peel sticky back for quick and secure adhesion to boxes and parcels. They give a professional finish to your posted items and negate the need for seperate labels and invoices – therefore saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

They are quick and easy to apply – offering a water, oil and tear resistant, easily readable label.

Our polythene packaging wallets are also available in plain, unprinted versions here – plain documents enclosed wallets.

We stock 4 poplular sizes – A4, A5, A6 and A7. Choose your desired size(s) in the grid below.

Priced and sold per 1000 wallets, with the exception of the A4 size which are priced and sold per 500 wallets.

Additional Information

Product Sizes

A7 (113 x 92mm) x 1000, A6 (158 x 110mm) x 1000, A5 (225 x 165mm) x 1000, A4 (328 x 235mm) x 500


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