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Price & Quantity Discounts
Quantity Price
500mm wide x 50m long
   1- 2   £15.00
   3- 5   £14.50
   6+   £14.00
600mm wide x 50m long
   1- 2   £16.00
   3- 5   £15.50
   6+   £15.00
750mm wide x 50mm long
   1- 2   £17.50
   3- 5   £17.00
   6+   £16.50
1200mm wide x 50m long
   1- 2   £27.00
   3- 5   £26.50
   6+   £24.00
1500mm wide x 50m long
   1- 2   £33.00
   3- 5   £32.50
   6+   £30.00

Bubble Wrap x 50m Roll – Large (2cm) Bubbles

Product ID: Bubbles-02

£15.00£33.00 / roll (excl. VAT)

  • Lightweight protective packaging
  • Shock absorbent
  • 2cm diameter cushioning air bubbles
  • Wide range of sizes available

Product Description

Bubble wrap is a simple and effective way of protecting various items whilst in transit, or safeguarding possessions when moving home.

Large (2cm diameter) air bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping larger items or for providing extra cushioning for smaller fragile objects.

Sold in 50m length rolls we offer a range of different widths, all at low prices.

If you are looking to protect smaller delicate items please view our range of Small Bubble Wrap. If the air bubble wrap is not suitable it is possible to order other styles to fit your requirements. For further details or to discuss your needs, please contact us

Additional Information

Product Sizes

300mm wide x 100m long, 500mm wide x 50m long, 600mm wide x 50m long, 750mm wide x 50mm long, 1200mm wide x 50m long, 1500mm wide x 50m long


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